The winter has been quite enjoyable in Torrey. The absence of wind has made the cold temperatures bearable. The sunny days have been quiet and very pleasant. We have seen a few visitors from Salt Lake City here to escape the winter in the northern part of Utah. Many who have second homes have been here. The vacation rentals have had guests as well.

It is common to see people taking a walk along the streets of Torrey. Some are residents and some are visitors, but all seem to take pleasure in their walks. In the evenings, the moon has been stupendous. When the moon is waning, Jupiter and Venus and Mars have been visible.

Business owners are making plans for the new season and some businesses have actually changed hands. We are all looking forward to new menus and new eateries. The Capitol Burger, the most deluxe food truck ever, is a Torrey favorite. Luke, the owner, parks his truck at the Chuckwagon most evenings. It makes for a popular hangout. Another new little restaurant, The Wild Rabbit, is open in the mornings until 3 in the afternoon. The reviews and comments are all very positive. The Wild Rabbit is open now as is the Red Cliffs Restaurant. All the others including the Chuckwagon and It’s Terrific Deli will be opening sometime in March.

Torrey’s Post Office closed at the end of the year. We are all hoping it is temporary. For now, we must pick up our mail in Bicknell. Hopefully a new post office will open with dedicated and skilled people working in it.

For those of you who have not been to Torrey in the winter, it’s worth a try. There are plenty of nice winter hiking spots.  Spring will be here soon, so plan a trip for March or April.