Covid-19 has certainly turned everything upside down, including Torrey. We always think we are immune to the troubles in the rest of the world, but realized with a jolt that the virus is changing life in Torrey too.

Springtime is the beginning of the tourist season. There was a lot of activity in all the shops and stores and restaurants in town in February getting ready for a busy new year. There are new businesses, new menus and changes everywhere to greet the tourists. Once we were made aware of Covid-19, the restaurants closed, and none of the shops opened. Capitol Reef National Park closed completely last week. Easter is one of the busiest holidays and this year, Torrey was very quiet. We are grateful to those who respected the governor’s orders not to travel.

It is extremely difficult economically for those in the tourist business, but fortunately, it is the beginning of the season and there is still time for the town to open its doors.

We have had some beautiful days interspersed with chilly days. The weather has been perfect for working outside or hiking. It feels strange to see Torrey so quiet, but it won’t stay this way. It shouldn’t be long before visitors return. .